Friday, January 27, 2012

My first experience with sheet masks ;)

The word "sheet mask" is is not really common in Pakistan but in most Asian countries its considered to be a staple of beauty regimen.It is basically a paper or cloth mask cut out in the shape of a face or just a pad to go over your eyes.This paper mask is then soaked in liquid or essence and sealed in a foil pack for one time use.
Mostly the ones i have seen in the market either are for :brightening", "hydrating" or "whitening".

 Why i tried it?
Simplest answer.... curiosity ;) I have read and heard so much about the stuff that i was simply jittery (ok ,i exaggerate) with anticipation.
My reservations?
I am always very particular about trying anything on my face.Just because i have seen first hand what "bad skin reaction" to a product looks like and how long it takes to resolve.So instead of trying the face masks i opted for a brightening eye mask.(Not much difference if i was allergic to the stupid thing! i know but it made me feel less reckless ;) )

My thoughts:
Okay so i got my self this shiny foil packet of eye brightening sheet mask.Cost me Rs 40/sheet.I bought two. Common sense says that for any skin product to have an effect on your skin it has to be used regularly.May  be once a week.At this price that seems kind of farfetched.40Rs/week can stretch the beauty budget a bit.
Its convenient i guess.Easy to store.Just use it and throw the packet away.No hassel of storing bulky bottles or tubes.Travel friendly, for the same reasons.The mask claims to have "Plateau salvia root " extract,which is  a traditional Chinese herb, a member of the multi-species Salvia genus. It is widely used by the East & West to promote circulation and dispel dullness in fatigued skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties helps to soothe problem skin and prevents wrinkles, dullness and spots on skin due to the over-exposure to sunlight."

Once i opened the packet (was i in for a surprise!). I guess i should have taken the word "soaked" in liquid literally.Because if i wasn't standing at my bathroom sink ,i would have made a complete mess of my carpet. The mask is "drenched" in liquid.So using it mess free will take some trial runs ;)
The mask looks like two oval pads.To go over both eyes.After liberating it from its packaging , i lied down ,closed my eyes and put it on.It feels the same as when you put cucumber slices on your eyes during a facial. Sort of a cooling sensation.I left it on for 20-25 min(for good measure). Over time the mask becomes less soggy and the liquid in it is absorbed in you skin.
My eyes did feel refreshed after i used it but as for the brightening claims,i dont think i should comment on that either way after just a single use.
I don't think i am going to leave my regular masks to switch to sheet masks anytime soon.But i would probably keep a few around just to use on days when i am too lazy to bother with anything elaborate or when my eyes get too stressed from using my computer for too long :)

I hope you found this review helpful in some way.I bought this mask from Karachi.And no its not very difficult to find these mask sheets.Just go to any local cosmetic counter where Asian beauty products are available & they'll have it.I wanted to put up a picture of the mask sheet it self but handling a gooey mask and my camera single handedly are a feat i was unable to perform ;)
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Till next time.....

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  1. hey can you recommend any face pack for extremely oily skin?


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