Monday, April 4, 2011


I LOVE unusual colors in nail polish.The weirder , the better:)You can find pinks and pastels almost everywhere, a dime a dozen.But there is nothing like a fiery red or an electric blue to make my day.So when i saw this shade at the shop, i just couldn't stop myself.Even though i have never tried this brand of polish before.

Name: C.A.L.A.R nail color
Shade: no 17
Amount : 15 ml
Cost: Rs 70

The bottle is an obvious dupe for OPI.And the way the name is spelled is also similar too.But i still like the color:)

For those who like it,its probably available in any local cosmetic shop in Karachi.I am still looking for a good blue and a pigmented yellow.If any of you can recommend something , Please do in the comment box below.Thanx:)
Till next time.......


  1. I love unusual colours too! Nice NOTD :)

  2. At first I thought it is OPI :D Nice color

  3. @Shang J.
    Thanx for commenting:)
    I thought so too at first glance:)

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    you are so sweet for asking ab Moroccan oil @ body shop:)thanx a bunch.And any info about hair you can provide will be most appreciated:)


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