Monday, April 11, 2011

Neutrogena Flawless Finish Blemish Treatment with Salicylic acid

Okay sooooo its me again:) With my totally random thoughts:)Now who doesn't appreciate a face as flaw less as a canvas?Foundation is one thing that can help us achieve that unattainable goal.i myself am more partial to tinted moisturizers and bb creams but sometimes a more heavier hand is required to be "all that you can be" ;) That is where foundations come into effect.The foundation i am going to review today is the "Neutrogena Flawless finish blemish treatment with salicylic acid".

There are a few things that went wrong with buying this one.First it turned out to be two shades too dark for my complexion(but when you have two sisters,that situation can be easily remedied)

Second this is the old formula , Neutrogena have introduced a newer formula in the market.The bottles look the same but the newer one has red writing on it.

The pic above is taken from Google images.
First (the good)

Not too thick.
Has Saliaylic acid fror acne prone skin.
Easily blends.
(the bad)
It blends easily on my face but i dont have active acne.
My sister has and the few times she used  it ended up looking Cakey.(Total no no for any foundation)
(the ugly)
The smell!I wont say it stinks but close enough.Smells like the backroom of a pharmacy.
I wont recommend buying this if you hav problematic skin.I have not tried the new formula(for which i have read promising reviews on but this one is just not worth the Rs 700 i spent on it.
Till next time:)

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