Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maybelline clear Smooth Minerals Skin Perfecting Cream

I am a BIG fan of bb creams.Always have been,The concept of "all in one" really appeals to me.Even with foundation i usually go for the medium coverage stuff than full coverage.Tinted moisturizers i LOVE:)
The product i am going to talk to you about today is "Maybelline clear Smooth Minerals Skin Perfecting Cream"(quite a mouth full, i know)

I have really been interested in trying this product for a long time.There is a lot of Maybelline stuff available in Pakistan,even at local cosmetic counters.But i have never come across this item (and not for the lack of trying).
Most sales people at cosmetic counters seem unsure of what a bb cream is.If anyone knows of any place in Karachi where this is available,please share:)
I got this from Malaysia through a friend.The price i believe is 22 RM (around Rs 650 something).Its a fairly small sized bottle. Contains 18ml of product.There is also a larger tube,30ml i believe.
The claim is:
Our instant skin perfecting cream is a perfect blend of 8 mineral ingredients.The unique earth colored shade instantly improves and perfects your skin:
Brightens skin:Visible whitening effect
Covers imperfections:Reduces the appearance of pores , skin redness disappears.
Moisturizes plus protects:All day skin hydration plus helps to protect skin from UV rays and free radicals

My thoughts:
Consistency--> Not too thick,Easy to spread
Color--> only one shade (i believe) 01 Fresh,Not for darker skin tones.
SPF 26/+++ -->Not as high as some of the Asian brand bb creams (but i am not a "sun" person ,try to avoid it as much as possible) so not a short coming in my book.
Blends --> Easily,Matte finish
Redness--> Concealer required for complete coverage

Pores --> Minimizes pores (or makes them look smaller i guess, but than i dont have highly visible pores to begin with)
Smell--> It says "no fragrance" on the tube but there is a very slight floral scent.
Apply after daily moisturizer.

Staying power--> 6-7 hrs if indoors in a cool atmosphere.Out in the open (hot Karachi weather) it'll wear off around the nose area if you have oily skin,most probably will last 3-4 hrs.
I do not advice wearing anything other than your moisturizer if you are going to be outdoors in this heat;)
Hope this was helpful. You can buy it online from ebay or Amazon.
I definitely recommend this product .This may not be the best bb cream I've ever tried but it is economical and works well enough.

At least the "ingredient list" is in English not Korean and You"ll have  some idea of what you are putting on your face;)
Till next time.....


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