Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stella "In Two Peony"

I would be the first one to admit that i am not really well versed in perfumes ;) Give me something that smells good to my nose and i am the happiest person in the world so i don't much care about the .... undertones,staying power or how it reacts with my skin ( for a long time i had no idea that there was a difference between perfume and EDT) , I am more of "Ooooooh what a pretty bottle and... Look its PINK!" sort of person:)
"Stella in two Peony" is a duo of perfume and Eau De Toilette by Stella McCartney.I didn't buy it my self,it was a gift from my bro.And i only got the EDT not the perfume.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one.It has a sweet flowery scent that initially smells somewhat sharp but in a minute or two settles down into a very subtle statement.Its pink (which is a plus anytime in my book). For those of you who like flowery,soft scents , i really recommend this.

It is available in Pakistan,though i didn't get it from here.I don't think it is featured on Stella McCartney's website any more, so may be discontinued.But available on line from eBay,Amazon and many other sites.Price anywhere from 40-50$ depending upon where you get it.
In Pakistan , you can inquire at places like Scentsation Dolmen mall, Perfume counter at Sanaullah, The Forum etc , also there are a few very good perfume shops in the Saddar area too if anyone is in the mood for exploring:)
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  1. Wow :) i would like to try its tester :) also sweetie, i put a post on about hair care/treatments etc so you can check it out :)

  2. @Just4Girls Pk
    Thanx fr commenting.And i checked out ur post too.very very informative:)I agree with all your choices except dove.For my hair "Dove" products are too mild.Keep up the good work.Your comments are still not working.


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