Sunday, April 17, 2011

Phillips Salon Geometricks 8in 1

There are two versions of this product available in the market."8in1" and "10in 1" i think.I got this one because at the time that was the only type that was in stock.I went in looking for a curling iron.The reason i was first arrtacted to this was because it has two different type of barrel sizes for the curling iron attachments.The sizes are not mentioned on the box so i am unsure of how many inches each one in.

It comes with an attachable wand, which can be inserted in different attachments.
2.Curling iron:

Has two different size barrels, as i mentioned before.No timer or temperature settings.It gets quite hot though and makes good tight curls.The box says to hold hair in the curling iron for 5-10 secs but in my experience it takes about a min or so(as i said, its one temp fits all)
3.Flat iron / Crimpler

Either i am not using the flat iron properly or it doesnt work at all.This is the achillies heel of this product.The plates are too heavy and they hinder the smooth movement and handling of the flat iron.
The crimper works well.It just requires a bit of patience.Let the product heat up properly before using it and you'll have no complaints.
It also comes with a pouch,which is quite sturdy and travel friendly.

Two hair clips,spirals for the curling iron.

If you are on a budget and cant spend money for every kind of hair tools,this is a product for you.Everything works well enough apart fron the straightening iron(that may be because i am not using it correctly , also as i have a good straightner already,i am not too motivated to make it work i guess)
There are better hair tools than this in the market off course but it all depends on how much you are willing to spend.As the say in urdu "jitna gur dalo ge,uthna meetha ho ga" ;) But for those who are begginers and want to try differnt kind of hair tools , this is a good choice.I really do recommend it:)
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  1. Sorry i forgot to mention it in the post.I bought this from Gul plaza and it cost b/w 2500 - 3000 rupees.One thing about Gul plaza , the shop keepers expect you to haggle on the price.So dont hold back;)


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