Wednesday, February 9, 2011


To be very honest ,before ordering from oriflame i had never heard of the brand.My sister brought me the catalog (which was given to her by one of her friends who's an oriflame consultant).

To say that i was skeptical is an understatement;)
Oriflame claims,
 Superb Lashes! Beautiful Lashes! You can create High Impact lashes with Oriflame's Revolutionary high-definition 3D applicator.  The applicator delivers lift, length and amazing fullness. The high definition 3D applicator of Wonder Lash Mascara separates along the eye and the lash, leaving no clumps behind. The formulation is Ultra pigmented with carnauba milk for extra conditioning. 8 ml.
Well lets just say that its a 70 - 30 deal;)While there are things i really like about the product, there are also some aspects i am not so sure about.
  • Packaging is nice.
  • I like the shape of the wand.
  • As per claim by the company the product provides length and separation to the lashes but no fullness.
  • Does not clump.
  • Not water proof(i don't like water proof liners or mascaras)
  • Price:Rs 690
  • The formula is NOT pigmented & i believe that is the main reason of why the lashes do not appear fuller.
  • I got the product without a box.(Upon asking for a reason i was told that it was to make sure that the product was not defective before sending it to the consultant??)
I wish that these products were availible in shops so we could actually take a look at things before buying.Shopping blind is no fun:(
Do i like it? Yes (i would like it more if it was more pigmented)
Would i recommend it? Yes i like how easily it seperates even the tinniest lashes.
Would i buy it again? I am leaning towards a tentative "yes" ;)
Till next time.....

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  1. woho...! i hav had da same product and the same way u had it...except that my cousin brought the catalogue for meh....
    i em new to the world of i really liked da mascara as i used it myself(wdout my mom's help) :D


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