Friday, February 18, 2011


so recently i got a felt tip liner from oriflame.I have been using it for a month now.
Oriflame claims,
Achieve extreme color precision with this advanced ink liner. Its fine applicator delivers exact color that dries in seconds. Plus its refreshing formulation doesn’t smudge or fade.

Its available in three colors,black, green , brown.It is 1.6 ml.
This is my first time using this type of a liner.I am more at home with liquid liners.So some of my discomfert with this product can be because of that.I like the product overall.Its not the sharpest tool in the proverbial tool belt but its not all bad either;)
  • Easy application.
  • No mess if you tip the the product accidentally(As with liquid liners)
  • Not too costly.I think i paid 590 Rs for it. 
  • No color pay off.Its black(just not pigmented black) so there is a definite chance of fading in a few hours.
  • Keep the product in upside down , erect position, other wise all of it will pool at the bottom and you'll end up with a dried up liner.
Do i recommend it? I have certainly used better.but its an affordable product if you are a beginner.
Would i buy it again? Well.... that is a difficult question to answer in case of liners and mascaras as there are so many choices available. so probably NOT.
Till next time......


  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing :) You're right! It must be good for beginners who aren't expert at applying liners neatly. :)


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