Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heat Protectants

Today we talk about hair:)Now in Pakistan people have all kinds of hair.Straight ,wavy,curly... You name it,we have it:)But predominantly we have hair that is not "straight",hence the whole obsession with hair straighteners and rebounding and what not.
One thing that i have noticed is that girls spend a lot of money on good straighteners but most have absolutely no idea about protecting their hair from all that heat they inflict on it on a daily basis (particularly the younger crowd).
A hair protectant spray or serum is a must before using any heat on the hair.May it be a blow dryer , curling iron or straightener.Other wise be ready to say "hello" to split ends and frizzy  dry hair in the near future;)
The product i'll be reviewing today is called "Vo5 miracle mist".It is a heat protectant spray.

What is it supposed to do?
It is for protecting your hair from being damaged from all the intense heat you are subjecting it to during straightening or blow drying.
It claims:

  • Advanced formula.
  • Alcohol free.
  • 5 vitamins
  • UV filter
About the product:
  • The packaging is pretty.Shiny red colored bottle.( i am a sucker for pretty things) :)

  • Spray attachment on the bottle,which comes with a lock.
  • 5.1 fluid ounces / 150 ml
  • Affordable (350-400 Rs)
  • Easily available.
My experience:
Its a nice little product.Before using a hot tool  spray on dry hair or damp hair if you are blow drying.
A little goes a long way.Does a reasonably good job of protecting hair.I have used it multiple times , no splits yet.Does not smell bad.
The lock on spray attachment is too small and gets lost easily.Once you loose it the product starts leaking a bit if bottle is kept lying sideways too long.
It does protect hair against heat but does nothing for the frizz. you will need an anti frizz serum or something.
Because of the shape pf spray attachment , very difficult to keep in a drawer.
Not travel friendly at all, as i said if you loose the lock it will start leaking.
 (In the above pic you can see the "lock" in question)

Would  i recommend it:Yes (It is an affordable choice and it works but off course there are better alternatives available in the market)
Would i buy it again: Yes
Hope this helped:) Till next time.....

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