Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is some of the stuff that i have bought and used in the last 2 months or so.Some of the items i have been using regularly and will post reviews on them soon. These items were not bought from one place and i may not remember where i got them exactly or how much i paid for each but what i can tell you is that nothing is for more than Rs 600 ;)so.... Here it goes,
I have used these two conditioners by "tresemme" quite often since i bought them.One is an everyday conditioner and the other is a leave in.Will do a  post on my fav conditioners pretty soon:)
Got this herbel essences shampoo (beautiful ends) recently at Naheed super market.Small bottle 140-160 Rs
Large bottle 350-370 Rs, if i remember correctly.
This eyelash curler retails for about Rs 250 in Oriflame catalog.I got it free as a part of one of their promotions, where if you ordered an oriflame eyeliner , you got a lash curler free.
I had heard good things about this "sleek n shine" serum for sometime.This is also available at "Naheed" but i got it from a local cosmetic store.Cost me in the proximity of 350 Rs.

This clean and clear face wash is my all time fav product from the line.Although i have used multiple products from clean and clear, i always go and repurchase this one.Got this from "Metro Karachi".
DMGM "metal shine" nail polish 06 "Bronze Metal"
Sally Hensen 3 in 1 nourishing cuticle remover
No idea about the price.Either got them from a local cosmetic store or from Naheed.
Golden Girl "Classic super shine diamonds" lipstick in Number 62
 Hope you enjoyed this little haul of mine:)Review will be up as soon as possible.
Till next time........



  1. Nice haul!
    From where did you get Tresemme products?

  2. @Rabeeyah
    Thanx.and i bought the tresemme stuff from a cosmetic shop near tariq centre on Tariq Road. They have the shampoos and conditioners but unfortunately not the heat tamer spray(which i have been searching for, for quite some time).

  3. great haul :) all items look lovely. waiting for reviews now ^ ^


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