Saturday, December 3, 2011

Skin Care Routine in Winter

It was a bit nippy for the last week or so but (as usual) i was sweating buckets today.It seems like the last few months of the year the weather in my fair city turns into a complete air head,turning hot, than cold and hot again at random.As frustrating it is to choose a wardrobe for this merry go round,it gets even more exhausting to have a consistent skin care routine.
My skin which is oily/combination the rest of the year, turns dry around my T-zone. And when i say dry, i literally mean peeling dry flakes.Which is such a headache because no matter what you do, you cant seem to get rid of them.Putting make up on when your skin is not getting the moisture it needs is a BAD idea.Because your foundation will not blend properly (you end up looking like a complete mess).
Now (granted) i haven't been in a truly cold climate for a long time but over the years i have certainly come up with a skin care regimen that works for my skin during the "winter" in Karachi.

1.Drink 8 glasses of water a day.In winter we don't get thirsty as often and that is the reason for many people drinking as few as 3-4 glasses of water / day.Now i don't know the science behind it but i have noticed that if i drink 8-9 glasses of water / day.It keeps my skin from over drying esp around my nose & b/w my eye brows.

2.Usually i use a very light moisturizer during the summer but for the winter i  switch to "Nivea Soft Cream".It is light enough to not feel too heavy on my skin but creamy enough to keep my skin moisturized.

3.Use a peel off mask.I find that using a good peel off mask is the best way to keep my skin looking fresh in cold weather.As a bonus , when i peel it off, it also removes any dead skin around my T-zone.(Review Here)

4.My "go to" mask has for a long time been ubtan+sandal powder+multani mutti(clay)+rose water.In winter i leave out the multani mutti and substitute rose water for a tsp of milk.(Review here)

5.Limit the use of any alcohol based products like toners.I stop using my Noxzema astringent in winter.  (Review here)
This is all the stuff i do differently.My choice of face wash is the same for all types of weather(b/c as a rule i make it a point to use very mild products for my face).For eye cream i am using one from Olay. (Review here)
Hope you enjoyed reading this post( Even if you didn't, Thanks for bearing with my ramblings).As always if you are using a product that you like for this time of the year , please do share in the comments below.This is just my experience, i am not an expert so if you have a skin condition or sensitive skin, consult your dermatologist before using any new products:)
Till next time....

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