Saturday, December 17, 2011

Freeman Superfruits Peel off mask

Freeman says;
"Superfruits provides antioxidant rich skin care to help combat the effects of stress, the environment and your fun not-so-healthy lifestyle.Powered by mega 8 complex which combines eight of the most powerful super fruits, Goji,Acai,Pomegranate,Mango,Mangosteen,Cranberry,Nioni,Blueberry to help purify,detoxify and sooth stresses skin.
Superfruits revealing peel off mask gently purges dirt and oil from skin while delivering superior nutrients.Fortifies and guards against five radicals and environmental stress."

My thoughts:
I usually do not use peel off masks(much prefer the wash off variety) but the winter weather forces me to change my routine every year.I have used multiple brands over the years,some work ,some are a total bust.This one i have been using for over a month and so far so good.I like the consistency ,which is not too watery or too thick.Spreads easily on the face,dries quickly and is easily removable.

It is quite a large tube.Contains 6 fl .oz / 150ml of product.And it is good on the pocket as well.I paid b/w 300-400 Pkr for this.It has a mild fruity smell  , which is not overpowering.Feels cool to  the skin when first applied.
 I didn't realize it at the time but my nail polish & the color of the tube match ;) Nail polish is chipped at a few places but "its a match" ! :)

I wont say this is a miracle product but it does its job well.Keeps my skin hydrated and when i peel it off , all the dry dead skin cells are also removed.If you are in the market for a good peel off mask. than i do recommend this.
This is easily available in most cosmetic stores in Karachi.There are different types so you can go for something different if you want.
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  1. I like Freeman's Cucumber peel off mask. That's my fav! This one sounds good too :)

  2. Freeman's masks are really good and pretty affordable. ^^

  3. product sounds good...thnx for review


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