Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask

This is a product that gets a lot of hype.I have hardly ever heard anything too bad about it.So when i finally  got my hands on it , i decided to really test it before forming an opinion.I have been using it weekly for over two months now and i think now i am ready to review it properly.

Okay so to begin with , this product is not available in Pakistan so don't go looking for it at your local cosmetic counters. People do sell it on Facebook but it will cost you slightly more than what it is actually priced at.But this tube has a lot of product in it and it will last for weighs about 227 gm and has 8 oz of product.

As far as the ingredients go , i like what i see. It contains kaolin , bentonite among other things and with the Karachi summer looming on the horizon my skin will need all the oil absorbing ingredients it possibly can. The mask itself smells like spearmint gum (which is not astonishing as "spearmint" is one of the ingredients listed).

This is a very good mask for people with oily skin.It absorbs all the oil and leaves skin smooth and matte . That is the upside , the downside is that if your skin is not completely oily but oily combination than you will need a good moisturizer after and you will also have to use this sparingly (once or twice a week) . I should mention here that i used it predominantly during what we affectionately call the Karachi winter ;-) so my skin was on the dry side to begin with. How it will hold up in mid June or July has yet to be seen.
But it applies real easy (even though the consistency at first glance appears very thick).Very small amount of product will cover the whole face. No need to apply a very thick layer.

VERDICT: I like it.If used in conjunction with a good skin care routine this can be a life saver for oily skin.Will work for people with oily combination as well though using it sparingly is strongly advised. Not for people with dry skin. (In my opinion).
Buy it if you can get it and don't mind paying slightly more as compared to other clay masks available in the market. :-)

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