Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bag Haul !

Hey guys !
So here I am with another blog post after not posting  for forever and a half . Uni does that to people ,
lol .Today I'm doing a huge bag haul because I've been doing a lot of bag shopping recently and I've  purchased quite a few that I wanted to share with you guys .
So lets get into it .


 I bought this one because I really needed a big , sturdy bag for my university and I thought this would be perfect . I've already used it for a few months now and its working pretty well for me . This bag can fit so much inside its not even funny . I carry so much with me to uni and it still has space in it :P.Bought it from Fitrite.
Cross body bags have always been my favorite  type of bags  . They're just so small and easy to carry.I cant remember  where I got the first 2 but the third one the right I got from Mockingjay . 
The brown one is by far my most used bag till now . I take it everywhere with me except for uni.  The black leather bag pack was a gift .The black one surprisingly is very spacious on the inside .
So, what did you guys think ? Tell me in the comments which one you like ?
Till next time ...


  1. great post all the bags are quite beautifull

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