Sunday, May 1, 2016

Veet "Lotus milk & jasmine Fragrance" Hair Removal Cream

Dealing with unwanted hair is the bane of my existence. To be very truthful its one of those things where less work and more reward should be the motto of every product ever advertised. In my opinion out of all the temporary methods of getting rid of body hair , i think waxing works the best but if you are in a bind or have time constraints or simply too lazy to bother than hair removal creams are the next best thing .Less traumatic than a razor and better for the skin too.

I must admit that i am not new to using Veet hair removal creams .This one is one of the newer formulas that i have used recently.It works well .Just apply it ,wait the appropriate amount of time and you end up with clear skin for at least a week (depending upon your rate of hair growth of course).I have personally never faced any side effects from using veet and if i am not ready to put myself through the whole regimen of waxing , veet is my go to product.
The cons are of course , limited amount of hair free days.You can feel some growth by the end of the week.My biggest issue with hair removal creams has always been the smell.I don't like the chemical smell (it does't smell like jasmine to me) that one has to contend with after using this product.Even though newer formulas have sort of dampened the odor mostly but some still persists.
All in all i would say if you are a user of hair removal creams than veet has a very good formula and its very easy to use.Readily available anywhere in the market and very affordable :-)
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*Product sent for review.The opinions in this blog post are my honest review of the product.

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