Thursday, November 12, 2015

EOS Lip Balm Review In "blueberry acai " and " summer fruit"

Hello everyone ,
It's been a long long time since I last posted a review on the blog .Life's been a little hectic because of university and exams .But I am back now and today's post is going to be a review about  2 eos lip balms that I purchased sometime ago .

This isn't my first time trying out eos lipbalms , infact, I've already reviewed the baby pink (strawberry sorbet) one before .
The ones I tried out this time are "blueberry acai " and " summer fruit".

The blueberry acai one doesn't have a very strong scent and frankly I can't describe what it smells like either  :D .But the  " summer fruit" has a very strong  scent .It smells very sweet  and fruity (which I like). I always find myself reaching for the  " summer fruit"  one because of the scent and I even take it to university with me  ( the round shape always catches people's attention :D ).They both come off completely clear. The good thing about these is that the packaging is very  nice and sturdy and they are easy to travel with .They are a little pricey but they do last quite a long time.They are fairly descent lip balms ,  they keep the lips nice and soft and they last on the lips for at least an hour after application .
All in all , I can say that I will definitely buy more of these eos lip balms once I run out of these .
Till next time...

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