Friday, May 17, 2013

St.Ives "Timeless skin" Apricot Scrub

I wont be exaggerating when i say that i have been using this forever.I have tried a few other brand but i have always come back to St Ives Apricot scrub.
 Name: St.Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub
Weight: 6 oz/170g
Claims to be: Sulfate and Paraben free rating: 3.6/5.0
Price: 285 Pkr
Availability: Easily available

I am a fan..... i really am but this is the first time i am trying this new packaging and formulation, and i must say i am not a happy customer.Where is the apricot exactly?? A lot of people complained that the St ives apricot scrub was too harsh but in my experience it did the job.One application per week was enough to keep pores clean .Now it is more like a watery lotion with few specks of apricot here and there.
I guess i am used to the old formula & this new version is really bugging me to no end.

This will work for (in my opinion):
  • People with sensitive skin.
  • People who want to use a scrub 3-4 times/week.

I have been trying it for a month or so.My skin is oily combination and i really need to exfoliate well around my nose and between my brows.And i don't feel like this product removes all the dead cells from that area.It works well enough on the rest of my face and my skin feels smooth after using it.If only i had normal skin ;-)

Till next time........


  1. hmm Sad that the new packaging has a totally new formulation which is not half good as the old one:(

  2. I agree with you, i think they have changed the formula a lot.

  3. Nice review, but it may be a chanes that you get a fake one product :( as Paksitani market is flooded with fake items.

    1. I got it from Naheed Supermarket. I hope they don't sell fakes.It doesn't look like a fake though.

  4. I tried this one and had a great experience with it
    Thank you for the review :)

  5. I read positive reviews and after your personal experience I am again confused to get it or not:$

  6. m using it frm quite some time n simply loving it

  7. ohhh! that's a Turn-off! I agree with you on St. Ives products quality.. They've never disappointed me!

  8. I think i should try this :)

  9. I love St.Ives, the previous one was a bit harsh..but i agree it did the job well!

  10. Aww sad that the new formula doesn't work well for you, on the whole St. Ives products are a love!!

  11. I am a teenager will it work for me?

  12. I am a teenager will it work for me?

  13. I love St.ives products. I have used the apricot scrub, the one in the old packaging and i loved that. Havn't tried this one yet and the review has forced me to think again whether to buy this one or not....hmm thanks for sharing :)

    The Lipstickholic


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