Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ben Nye Media PRO HD Conceal All Wheel in NK-1

I having been meaning to get my hands on one of these concealer wheels since i first read a blogpost on the Kryolan ones , a few months back .I am a big believer in the power of a concealer and getting all this versatility in a single product was too good to pass ;-)
Brand: Ben Nye
Shade: NK-1
Makeupalley.com rating: 4.5/5.0
Weight: 5oz/14gm
Price: 11 $
What is to like?
So lets begin from the positive.You get four shades of concealer for the price of one.The colors are all very blendable and cover pretty much anything.The concealer stays in place and once set with powder will last most of the day.The finish is very matte .No shine what so ever.The biggest positive is that it doesn't settle in fine lines (just remember to not over do it). A little goes a long way.I have only applied it with my hands so cant comment about brush application.All four shades can be used for various tasks.In my opinion the white and salmon colored ones make good under eye highlighters.the other two shades counteract the red and the pigmentation on my face.

What is not to like?
Look how BIG the product looks in the picture!!!!Ooohhhhh look at the price!! This will last me a life time!!....... That my friends is a big , resounding NO ;-) The product in the concealer wheel will probably last a couple of months if used on a daily basis.So that certainly was a disappointment.
The concealer it self has a sort of dry formula.It is great in this weather but i wonder how it will respond in cold weather or when used by someone with dry skin.
I also have issues with the shape of the container, it is going to be difficult to get all the product from those corners.

For all the people with oily or oily combination skin , i totally recommend giving this a try.
Till next time......


  1. good review and honest one, I like the quick pen brush-on concealers...

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  3. Where can you get this?

    check/follow my blog: fatimasalim.blogspot.com

    1. Fatima
      As i have mentioned in my review , i ordered this stuff online through a friend in America.


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