Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MUA Makeup Academy Mosaic Bronzer "natural Glow"

Believe it or not but this is the first bronzer i have owned  .Previously i either did not contour or used a blush or an eye shade to get the job done.But since i have seen a lot of fellow bloggers doing such a great job with contouring, i thought i should take it a bit more seriously  ;-)
Product: MUA Makeup Academy Mosaic Bronzer
Shade: "Natural Glow"
Cost: 2.50 Pounds/ 450 Pkr (150Pkr for shipping)
Ingredients: Listed below.

According to MUA:
" Our Mosaic Bronzers come in two different shades, a more golden tone and one with pink undertones. They contain four different shades so when you swirl your brush around in them you get an overall multi-tonal look that brings out the natural tone in your skin. Use a small amount for a natural sun-kissed look or build up the look for a dramatic contour."

My thoughts: 
As i mentioned above, i am not a contouring enthusiast . The reason i avoided bronzers in general is because i could never control the amount of product and some how always ended up looking over the top.I am not a fan of really "made up" looks.I think make up should be a subtle enhancement of what Allah has given you rather than an exercise in painting by numbers on ones face ;-)
 But long story short i finally mustered up enough wits to order this product from "just4girls" .I have tried it a few times and i must say it has put most of my fears to rest.This may not be the perfect "go to" bronzer for someone who is more trained or well versed in contouring than me because it is really not that pigmented. Prior to buying it , i read several reviews online, and most bloggers agreed on the fact that the color pay off  leaves something to be desired.But that is also what makes it a perfect bronzer for a beginner or for someone who is afraid of going overboard with a more pigmented product.
The packaging is not too bad.It is a good sized product. 8.9 grams of bronzer in the pan.It is travel friendly.The lid closes pretty firmly and is quite secure.
In the pan and after swatching it , there is a fair bit of shimmer in the powder but none shows once on the face. The color is very nice and looks like a subtle shadow on the cheeks. This product will not work for some one with a darker complexion though as they'll have to go over the same area multiple times for the product to show to the desired effect.

The whole MUA range is available on "" in Pakistan and they deliver all over so you can order this product without leaving the comfort of your chair ;-)
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  1. Mua products are really great . Lovely review xx

  2. Sounds a nice product! You can't really go wrong with MUA products however I prefer a matte finish for contouring. xx

    The Bedside Dreams

  3. Lovely review!!!I've tried it in Sun Kissed and I must say I gotta love it <3

  4. I love that mosaic design in it too <3

  5. Its on my wish lost too!! Thanks for the nice review. :)

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