Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ben Nye Banana Powder

When a friend of mine who's sister was coming from US offered to get me make up products, i opted to go for Ben Nye as i have been wanting to try some of the products for the longest time.

Name: Ben Nye Banana Powder.
Size: 1.5oz/42gm
Website: Rating: 4.4/5.0

Ben Nye is not available in Pakistan and the closest thing i could find here is Kryolan.The thing with Kryolan i that even though we have official sellers of the brand in Pakistan , the collection available is woefully limited and is mostly aimed at bulk buyers (like salons) .No small sizes or samples are available in any of the products and if you don't wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis , it is really unnecessary buying all the product.
I ordered the Ben Nye Banana powder in the smallest size of 1.5oz/42gm.That is a lot of product for one person, even if i wear it daily i think it will last me 1-2 years easily.

My Thoughts:
 Ben Nye has many different types/colors of powders available.I wanted this one because i already am using translucent powders by Palladio and Etude .It is very finely milled.Once applied it completely disappears in my skin.Since i have been using it , i have never had a cakey face.I think the yellow color is a great plus for this product when it comes to Pakistani skin tone as most of us have yellow undertones to our skin.I wear it over my bb cream because most bb creams can give the face a white cast which is really unbecoming.The powder is also great to wear just over concealer.Using it to set the under eye concealer though is its forte.Your concealer wont budge or crease for a good 6 hours( tried and tested). I am aware that these are the early days of summer in Karachi but the heat is still enough to melt almost anything you are wearing on your face ;)As far as i have judged , after wearing this powder, my face remains matte for 5-6 hours.After that a bit of shine starts peeking through around my nose.

All in all i am totally in LOVE with this powder and i 100% recommend it.If you can get your hands on it, go for it.You wont be disappointed.
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  1. OMG!!!! I so want to try this badly.. have read so many raved reviews about it and I think its totally worh the hype!! Thanks for sharing love xx

    1. You are right.Out of all the products that i have on my wish list ,i was looking forward to this the most:)

  2. nyc review! <3
    em lookin forward to buy this nw ^_^

  3. Ahhh i wish we could get this here easily .

  4. Wow, I so want to try it too. I have heard rave review about this product. Thanks for the post. xx

  5. It seems very nice . Thanks for sharing xx

  6. youve just added this to my wish list.. was waiting for a local bloggers opinions on it :)

  7. I have this product and I haven't used it. Must get on it!!!!

  8. I have heard SO much about this. SO wanted to get it. Great review xx

  9. Sounds great! Glad it worked for you too :)

  10. Wow this looks like it really does the job! :D


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