Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Clean and Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser

Facial cleansers are a dime a dozen in the market these days.Hardly anyone i know uses soap to wash their face.Clean and Clear has been the go to brand when it comes to my family , in terms of cleansers.I usually buy myself the original one and i am pretty satisfied with it so i have not tried anything new in a while.Why mess with a good thing ....Right? But i have read a few reviews from fellow bloggers on these cleansers by Clean & Clear and the pink color looked so tempting on the shelf while browsing the cosmetics floor at Naheed , that i couldn't stop myself from buying it;)

As i said before the product itself looks really pretty , with pinkish beads swimming around in the actual cleanser.The bottle is plastic and is the exact same shape as the original clean & clear face wash.
Name : Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials (Berry)
Quantity: 100ml
Website: http://www.cleanandclear.com/
Price: 225Pkr
My Thoughts:
The cleanser it self has a lot of things going for it.It is oil free, doesn't clog pores and is pretty light weight.The amount of product is enough to last even two people for a whole month. Unlike the "morning burst " Cleansers where the beads in the cleanser actually pop softly against your skin while washing your face, the beads in this one are sort of just there for the visual impact.You do not feel them on your skin at all.The smell can be categorized as fruity but it doesn't smell like any berries i have ever smelled ;)
it cleans face perfectly.No residue or chip chip.In current Karachi weather my face remains matte for a good 6-7 hours.But it is unfortunately one of those products which take a good 2-3 minutes to wash off from your skin and for that slippery feeling to go away.

 This is a good everyday facial cleanser.I would say , for all skin types.As it is not extra drying.It is with in price range.Not difficult to find, pretty much available every where.If you are looking for an every day , affordable facial cleanser, than this is the choice for you ;)
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  1. I really like clean and Clear face range, I use it everyday!

  2. Anything strawberries ? My favorite <3

  3. Sounds lovely! I always love the scent of the Clean & Clear facial cleansers; So yummy! <3

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  4. i really like clean & Clear face washer range, but this one looks yummy, will try soon :)

    Much love <3

  5. hey clean n clear always comes with great cleansers, grt n color is so tempting

  6. This looks soo amazing!
    back after a long time missed ur posts <3 xx

  7. i have placed order for it but i pickd brightening lemon :)
    loving ur blog , u do great reviews M.A

  8. Hi pls check my blog ! strongurlx.wordpress.com~ thank you!


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