Monday, March 19, 2012

Tip of the week

If you have been following this blog for a while then you probably know that i am really into natural skin care.Although i am a huge fan of anything makeup, i don't wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis.I am more into the natural healthy skin look.Therefore i pretty much try any tip or DIY beauty trick that anyone suggests ;)

 So we are starting a new post/week which is called "Tip of the week", where i'll tell you about different tips , tricks , natural remedies that i have tried over the years & if they have worked for me or not.
Now i will clarify this, :Not all these "pearls of wisdom" are mine ;) some are from books, some from magazines, tv shows, twitter, beauty gurus..... so on & so forth.If i remember where i got the tip from , i'll mention it 100%. so here goes TIP no # 1
 "Using oatmeal as a facial cleanser helps reduce redness on your skin."
Oatmeal is a natural anti inflammatory so it stands to reason that overtime it may help reduce redness and puffiness in the skin.
Original source of the tip:
 I heard about this for the first time from youtube.A beauty guru on youtube had a video up , about how she used oatmeal to treat a severe allergic reaction she had to a product, on her face.
My thoughts:
I usually use oatmeal to cleanse my face in summers.I tried this because i have redness on the sides of my nose. I have tried many products to get rid of this issue but nothing seems to work.I take around two tsp of oatmeal in my palms, make a fist , run some water over it and then use it like a scrub on a wet face.
The smell is divine:) I know its a weird thing to say but i like it.Once they are wet ,the oats loose their rough texture and are very soft on the skin.After i rinse my face, my skin does feel soft and clean.But as i have very oily T - zone so if i don't use my usual cleanser (like the original video suggested) , my skin feels greasy.It has kept the redness on my face manageable but i can only see minor improvement in the redness around my nose.
Side effects:
I have been using this tip for over a year (not during winter) now and i haven't had any untoward effects.I have oily combination skin.
*This is just my experience.If interested,try at your own risk.


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