Monday, March 12, 2012

BH cosmetics Lip liner in "Earth"

This is one of the products i got the last time i shopped at BH cosmetics.I am a satisfied customer of eye shadow palettes from Bh cosmetics but i must admit i have never tried any other product from their site.I was really intrigued by the lip pencils and at the time i was looking for a nude color for everyday use. So i ordered this in the color "Earth". Which is a very soft pinkish brown nude.

These liners come in nine different colors.Bh cosmetics claims;
" an exquisite, neutral shade that's as wonderfully natural as the world's softest sands and gentlest breezes. Subtle sirens know that the quietest colors often make the loudest fashion statements. This matte, earth-toned tint is for you!"
1.The color range on the website is very nice,All the colors look very soft .
2.The pencil is easy to sharpen.It is made of a plastic like substance , which is very easy to deal with.
3.Its water proof.
4.Only 2.95$ in price.
5.Easily available from any of the multiple sites on facebook selling Bh cosmetics in Pakistan.
1.Very very hard to apply.You have to run it over you lips multiple times for it to even show up.
2.No pigmentation at all.
3.Although it appears soft, because you have to run it over your lip line so many times it starts to hurt your lips after a while. precision at all because even though the pencil is easier to sharpen , it is very difficult to get a sharp pointed tip.

This product was a total dud for me.Either i ended up with a bad piece or the single color that is not very pigmented , or all the lip liners are like that.I cant say for sure.But this is one product i am never ordering from Bh cosmetics again ;)
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  1. U am not very much fond of liners, but I must say this was a good review .thanks for sharing!

  2. with lip liners I am hesitant on buying them online...even with eyeliners because I am never sure how creamy or if they are easy to appy..

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