Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Saeed Ghani's Rose water

The weather is starting to change in our fair city.The increase in temperature hinting to the beginning of summer , in all its hot and humid glory ;) It is very difficult to wear make up when it is so hot out (as even the most sturdiest of cosmetics melt away in the face of sweltering heat). I wear a bare minimum in make up in summers , leaning more towards skin care.One thing i LOVE about my oily combination skin is that if i take good enough care of it during summers, i usually end up with zero breakouts, which is a feat in itself.

 One way i have found to keep my skin always feeling refreshed is "Saeed Ghani's Rose water". It is my go to product most of the year and it is multifunctional.I have been using this for years and am totally in love with it.I am usually very careful about recommending products for all skin types because i am not an expert in every skin type but this product i will recommend to one and all :)
Why i love this product:

  1. Rose water is very beneficial for skin.As a refresher it helps skin look and feel smooth & plump & hydrated.It has been part of beauty regimens for centuries.There are a lot of brands selling rose water in Pakistan. But getting something that has no additives and is natural rose water is very important.I use this particular brand because i have not yet had a bad experience with any of their products that i have used to date.
  2. The saeed Ghani's rose water comes in a spray bottle which is awesome.Otherwise i'd probably waste most of the product first time i use it ;)
  3. On hot summer days keep it in your fridge, spraying your face with chilled rose water not only feels nice but it also helps keep the pores closed as well.
  4. I use it to make pastes of any powdered masks i use.
  5. Its a great toner as well.Rose water is a natural astringent thus, helps cleaning up the clogged pores, of oil and dirt, which are the basic reason for acne and pimples. The cleansing property of rose water leads to a healthy skin. 
  6. Before going to bed at night,after completing your night time skin care routine ,spray your face with this 2-3 times and let it air dry. You wont believe how clean your skin will feel in the morning.
  7. Its very economical on the pocket. less than a 100 Pkr.and lasts a long time even if used everyday.
  8. The one small issue that i have is that the spray apparatus is not too sturdy and in the end gets very had to use.Other then that i cant find any cons for this product.

This can be bought very easily from all the Saeed Ghani outlets in Karachi (which are many and spread in all directions). For those who don't have a Saeed Ghani in their fair city, there is always the option of buying it online from their website.
They also have a facebook page if you want to check out their products :
Have you used anything from Saeed Ghani? How has your experience been? Feel free to share :)
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  1. I have the same rose water! Love it, i usually use it with saeed ghnis multani mitti with lavender to make a paste! Great post (:

  2. @nayabloves
    Me too :)multani matti + rose water is a winning combination for my skin.

  3. Saeed Ghani's Rose water smeels reallu heavenlY!

  4. @Reebz
    Totally agreed:) Use it after a bath and you'll be refreshed all day:)


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