Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday bazar jewellery haul

When it comes to buying artificial/costume jewellery , Sunday bazaar is the place to be in Karachi.Pieces that you would normally pay an arm and a leg for, are available for almost less than half of the original price.Its a shame that i don't visit it as often as i would like because its a treasure trove filled with lovely trinkets.All you need to have is patience,unlimited capacity to bargain(the Pakistani way) and cash (off course). This time around i bought two rings , a whole set with necklace and earrings and a separate pair of earrings.

I don't remember how much i paid for each individual piece but for the whole lot i was charged Pkr 600 :)If you live in Karachi , and haven't been to the Sunday bazaar (you are missing out on a lot of fun). I wont say that its the most affordable place to shop but if you you are able to go back and forth with the shop keepers over the price and avoid throwing all your money at them ;) than you can get yourself lots of bargains.Its a nice place to shop for costume jewellery because of all the variety & designs :)
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  1. OMG I cannot beleive you would get all that for only freakin 600! Karachitis are soo soo lucky, you always get the best of clothes and jewellery at such reasonable prices! Everything is double or even more pricey here in Islamabad :(
    Anyways lovely jewellery you selected, especially the set. Looks very classy!

  2. Awwww im in love with ur 2nd ring<3

  3. @ Sara H.
    come visit Karachi than ;)No place too far for a shopping spree :)
    Thanx for the comment:)

  4. @Reebz,Sidrah!!!,Samreen
    Thank you:)

  5. wao grt specially last set is so pretty gorgeous

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