Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lemon power

Winter weather brings with it dry flaky skin and rough hands , feet.Even as a teenager i never had as much issue with skin care in summer as i had in winter.All of my skin care regimen suddenly stopped doing its job and i never knew how to handle this problem.Until i discovered the power of this natural jewel.

Lemons can be a great thing for all kinds of skin and what is perfect is that nothing is wasted.Every part is useable and works wonders.
1.As an exfoliant:

Just take a slice of lemon , dip it in ordinary sugar. And use it in circular motion over a wet face.It will remove all the dead skin cells and the lemon juice is great for any pigmentation or discoloration of skin.
You can do this as often as you like , depending of course on how well your skin tolerates it.
A few things to look out for .....
Don't use on areas with cuts or any other damage (because it will sting like a --------)
Don't do this just prior to going in the sun .
And be careful in exfoliating.. Soft , circular motions on a wet face (don't want to damage skin with the sugar crystals)

2.Lemon Water:

Water + Lemon juice
This concoction is the best way to cleanse your system during the day.It works as a great:

Good for digestion
Immunity booster
Mouth freshener
Teeth whitener
Lots of potassium
Anti inflammatory
stops cravings

Drink it as much as you want.Its one of my healthier habits.Although .... am i being disrespectful drinking it in my coca cola glass ... lolz ;-)

3: As a mask:

Peel the yellow part , leave to dry , grind in to a powder and you end up with a refreshing mask filled with all the antioxidants your skin needs.....
Use with ....
Rose water
Depending upon the weather and your skin types requirement.
You wont regret it.

A paste formed of baking soda and few drops of lemon juice is a very cheap but effective teeth whitener. This winter season be friends with the lemon :-)


  1. wow amazing, i will try it. then let you know, if its really works!!

  2. Make a mask with milk and all or either of them ???

  3. Make a mask with milk and all or either of them ???


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