Thursday, December 25, 2014

Its finally winter in Karachi.We've had the first rainfall of the season and the customary sweaters and shawls and khaddar collections are out in full bloom.So i decided it was time for a shoe haul.

Before i share with you detailed pics , i would like to wish all the people celebrating Christmas "Happy Holidays" and as you all know 25th December has a lot of significance for us Pakistanis , as it is the , day father of the nation "Quaid e azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah " was born. My deepest thanks to the Almighty for gracing us with such a great leader who made it so we could live as free people in our own country.
So lets begin :-)
Got three pairs of shoes and two pairs of sandals.Don't want to be wearing socks all the time ;-) All of these had different color choices available.I chose black because its a neutral tone and goes with pretty much everything.

Till next time.....


  1. canu please mention from where you got each pair?
    It will be a great help :)
    love the haul<3

    1. Oops sorry, forgot to mention that ;-) All of these are from Stylo Tariq Road.


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