Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Summer Makeup Essentials

Summer is the time for new beginnings and a complete change in skin care priorities.Where winter is all about moisture and keeping the dry and damaged skin at bay , summer is about going light and not trying so hard :-)
Summers here in Karachi are all about sunshine (sometimes brutally so) . Oily T zones , acne and sun burns become the disasters to avoid by anyone who cares about their skin.
Below i have compiled a list of all the products that i use on a daily basis during summer months.My priority is nice looking , hydrated skin.

All of these products are light, easily available in the market, affordable and in my mind absolute necessities for summer months.

  • Max factor eye brightening mascara is great for warm weather.It is not too dark and the brush just picks up enough product to separate the lashes and open up the eyes .No complaints of smudging or clumping of lashes.    Review pending
  • Artdeco eye liner is the only eye liner that i have ever tried that doesn't smudge on my water line as soon as i put it on.It is my go to liner at the  moment.                                                                     link below.                                                                                                                           
    •  Who can forget sunblock..... I am not a fan of heavy sticky sun blocks that make my skin look like a oil spill.This sun block cream by stiefel is just the right size too.You wont have to wait an eternity for it to end if you want to try something new ;-)   
    •  A good pink lipstick is a must in any weather but it really makes the skin glow during summer . My "go to" pink these days is the wet n wild "Think pink"                                                                            link below.                                                                                   
    Till next time..........


    1. Nice picks and lovely post....xoxoxo...^_^

    2. I love to use BB Creams in summer. xx

    3. BB cream doesn't work for me , it makes my skin oily and it remains oily for days. Great post though xx


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