Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Clinian's eye and lip intensive balm

Clinians is not a brand i was familiar  with before trying this eye cream. But i decided to get my self two of its eye creams just to see how my skin reacted to the products and if i should replace my current eye cream.
The box says eye and lip anti wrinkle balm.To be honest , i didn't pay much attention to the "lip" part when i was buying this product . I noticed it latter when i inspected the packaging closely.And i never applied it on my lips so i can not comment on how it is as a lip balm.I am all for products that are multipurpose but applying my eye cream on my lips just seemed weird.

As for the product itself...... I wasnt blown away by it.It is a decent eye cream , as in , it keeps the skin around the eyes plump and smooth and i did notice some lightening of the skin as well but not a 100% cure for wrinkles.It just makes them slightly less noticeable.

  • Light texture
  • Smooth application
  • Not greasy at all.Completely absorbs in skin.
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Affordable (forgot the actual price but you can check it on
  • Will last 2 months or even more.

  • Only available online
  • Not "anti wrinkle" enough
I bought this from "".As far as i know that is the only place where you can get this product (correct me if i am wrong).
Till next time....


  1. never heard of the brand.. will pass :) need something that really works for fine lines.

    1. Tell me if you find one that really works.Most i have tried dont really do much for fine lines.

  2. This brand is new to me too....Nice review....xoxoxo....:)


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