Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olay Total effects 7x

This is going to be a short review because (the unthinkable happened) and i fried my keyboard and writing with the "onscreen keyboard" is a total pain ;) I was really excited when i got this product but i didn't want to post a review before i had formed a complete opinion about the whole experience.Those who regularly follow our blog posts know that i am not one to change my skin care regimen too often.I have a solid routine that i like to stick to but i have always felt the need to try a better night cream as the one i was using before left a lot to be on a random excursion to my local make up counter i decided to give a try to the "Olay Total effects 7x night cream".

The box came with two 7ml samples:
Olay 7x skin serum
Olay day cream

It cost me around Pkr 1250.I have been using it for the better part of one month and let me tell you that i am impressed!It says "Night cream" on the box but the consistency is more similar to a lotion in my opinion.It has no scent.Absorbs completely in the skin with in seconds.No greasy feeling to speak of.

Usually when i woke up in the morning the area of my T-zone felt oily and not so smooth.It took my whole skin care regimen to restore the balance and feel of my skin.Now all i have to do is wash my face with my face wash.My skin is softer and i haven't had any breakouts  even though i haven't changed my day to day routine.

As for the samples, there is ample amount of product in there.I have gone through the anti aging serum and half of the "day moisturizer". The day moisturizer is ok but i am intrigued with the serum and am planning to give the full version a try.
I totally recommend this product to anyone over the age of 25.Its worth every penny you'll spend in my opinion :)
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  1. Sounds like a great product. And I am amazed that you managed to write this whole post with the on-screen keyboard haha.


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