Thursday, August 23, 2012


Garnier Wrinkle lift A is a day cream that claims to keep your skin moisturized , toned and cleansed as well as keep your premature wrinkles at bay with the help of activated vitamin A.It took me a while to form an opinion about this one.I am rather biased when it comes to Garnier as a brand because the products just don't suit my skin , so i didn't want to write a review based on a rash first impression.

 As the product claims to be "anti wrinkle", i gave it to my mom to use as well (so that i could have some idea as to how it would react for more mature skin). Now i have oily combination skin and so does my sister and as soon as i opened the jar , i realized that it was too thick for my skin.After application on the skin , the cream does completely absorb. But after about 30 min or so , my T-zone started to get oily .There is no way anyone with oily or oily combo skin is going to be using this a s a "day cream" during a Karachi summer.
It has some good ingredients in it (like activated Vitamin A) and promises a whole bunch of stuff but for a person with oily skin keeping the skin matte is always the first priority.
My mom on the other hand is totally in LOVE with this cream.According to her , it keeps her skin moisturized and soft all day long.She cant definitely say how much effect the product has had on her wrinkles but it has reduced dry patches and spots from her skin a great deal.
So Who should use this cream?
  1. People with mature skin.
  2. People with dry skin.
  3. Almost anyone during winter months.
  4. This will make a good "night cream" (in my opinion). It is not a bad product, its just too greasy for day time ;)
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