Sunday, December 4, 2016

What's in my school bag ?

Salam everyone ,
Since the last few blog posts have been reviews , I thought I should switch it up a bit and do something different cuz reviews can get kind of boring . I have for the longest time , wanted  to do a  " what's in my bag ?" post but always put it off. But today I felt like doing it so let's  start , shall we?

So , this is my bag that I take with me to university .Been using it for a while now .It's pretty spacious on the inside and it fits all my junk  nicely :-p . I have a problem of over-filling my bag and this is the one that takes it and it's still going pretty strong.

And these are all of my essentials that I take with me to university .  Other than these I take with me the usual  (boring) things like my books , assignment files etc  but I narrowed the list  it down to a few essential items.

So the most important thing  I always have at hand is a VERY thick notebook to jot down notes and just generally writing anything and drawing etc. I obviously have with me my wallet , sunglasses and  my  cell phone . Also I keep this really cute looking tin container with my girly products (you know what I am talking about ) in it .It's cute and keeps them out of sight :-p .

I'm not really big on  wearing makeup to university . In fact, I only wear black eyeliner pencil on my  water line and a little bit of mascara along with some tinted lip balm . I actually really like this one by Maybelline .It gives a nice red tint to my lips . Also sunblock and hand sanitizer are a  MUST when going out anywhere for me  so I keep those too .
Till next time .

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