Friday, June 3, 2016

Jewelery Haul

Hello everyone ,
I just got done with my finals exams and now I'm back with another haul post (my favorite kind of post :D ). This time its going to be a jewelry haul . Earlier during this year my father went out of country and brought  back me and my sisters  a ton of stuff (girly stuff ya know ) .And it was obvious that I had to do a haul post . I had been putting it off for while but since I'm all free now so I decided to do it today . This post contains some cute Asian earrings that he got us from his trip.

I can't quote the price on any of these because like I said , my dad bought them , so I don't really know how much each of them cost .

The black flower ones with the rhinestone  are my most favorite . I also recently wore the red cherry ones out and got a lot of compliments on them .

I hope you enjoyed reading this post . Comment and tell me what you think . 
Till next time ....

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