Thursday, June 19, 2014

Etude Cherry Fresh Lip Tint in #Pk002

In Pakistan Etude is very easily available , but the range is mostly limited to powders and foundations and bb creams.A few eye shades here and there break the monotony but i haven't seen any thing else on cosmetic counters from the brand.Also there is a BIG problem with counterfeit products so not many girls like to spend money on it.
I got my hands on this lip tint a while back and i have been really liking the subtle color it gives the lips.

 The color as you can see is a very pretty bright pink perfectly suitable for the summer months.It looks very bright but goes on sheer so there is no worry of looking like a clown ;-) When you first apply the tint it feels very watery but give it a minute, it will absorb in the lips and look very natural.
The bottle is made of plastic and may seem cute to some but to be honest if i hadn't previously read any review and had just the bottle to go on , i would never buy it.
It has a very soft fruity smell ,which goes away after applications and (Thank God) i cant taste it either.
The staying power though is not really impressive.Without eating or drinking anything it may last up to 2 hours approx.

  • Pretty color
  • Gives a nice pink tint to lips.
  • Sturdy bottle.Travel friendly.
  • Nice smell
  • Great for summer when everything else smudges all over the place.
  • Not drying at all.
  • Not available in Pakistan.
  • Staying power not that great, will have to re apply.

Till next time.....


    1. This is such a lovely pink. I want this so bad after your swatch haha. x

      Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

    2. Cute!

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