Friday, May 2, 2014

Boots essential cucumber eye gel

This is another eye gel that we have been trying for the last few weeks.It is a pretty straight forward product in my opinion so i think i have got the hang of what it is all about even though i still have to finish the whole tube.
It is from "Boots" .You can find out further about it by going on the Boots website (Here) .The company claims:

"Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel is enriched with soothing cucumber and vitamins to aid the delicate skin under the eye"

The complete range from Boots  is not available locally but you can easily find scattered products in cosmetic shops .This one costs 1.50 pounds on the website , i got it for Pkr 500.

 The product doesn't claim to do anything about dark if you have a problem in that regard than this one may not work for you as well as you hope.
It comes in an up side down plastic tube that is very functional and easy to use.Contains 15 ml of product and is a gel.The product it self is transparent, odorless and easy to spread.I had read in a few reviews that it left a sticky feeling after application but on my skin it absorbs completely.

  • Moisturizing and easy to use.
  • No smell.
  • Not too expansive.
  • More or less easily available.
  • Keeps the under eye area soft and absorbs completely.
  • Fairly standard product, nothing special.
  • Doesn't do anything for dark circles.
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  1. Oh ..seems like an average product..Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  2. Nice review dear.....It means it's a big no no if it does nothing for dark circles....xoxoxo...^_^

  3. Hi beautiful,
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  4. Thanks for the honest review, I don't think this eye gel would be useful for me, xoxo.

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  6. Really nice review, Love your blog btw!

  7. Great blog post and really helpful...... and your blog are very interesting and inspiring.

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