Saturday, February 8, 2014

E.l.f eye brushes

I got these two e.l.f eye brushes a while back but i didn't want to review them before i tried them a few times first. I must confess that this is my first purchase from e.l.f brushes and I was really looking forward to the experience.I got two , a blending brush & a smudge brush.
All in all my opinion about these brushes is a positive one to date.Both are dense enough to pickup product easily and the application is also not too bad either.

As you can see the packaging is nice enough.One thing I really appreciated is the description at the back of the packaging.Something that will really be useful to a beginner.My one bone to pick is that the bristles are sort of rough.If you are blending too much , the brush can feel very harsh to the sensitive eyelid skin after a while.
As for the price, these are inexpensive but availability is not a sure thing.If you can find them on an online website or through someone on Facebook , even than you will have to pay more than a couple of dollars to get them , which is there actual price abroad
  • Easy to use.
  • No shedding after wash.
  • Do what they claim
  • Not too expensive.
  • Not easily available in Pakistan.
  • Harsh bristles.
Till next time.........


  1. Nice post dear and yes packaging is really nice.....xoxoxo....:)

  2. I'v been wanting them too <3
    nice review .. :)

  3. I have heard many good things about these. They're not too fancy, but they do the job well. :-)
    Thanks for sharing them :-)

    1. Totally agree.They will serve someone just starting their makeup collection well.

  4. They're good for beginners. I wish these were easily available.

    1. Me too.I had to get these through a friend.

  5. Great post and blog! Lets follow each other?

  6. I agree, sometime the bristles can be too harsh, but I got impressed by a few elf brushes alrwady:)

  7. aww must have brushes im not after getting these brushes now


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