Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Garnier Daily Skin Perfector bb cream

Tinted moisturizers and bb creams have always been more preferable to me than full coverage foundations.So when i got the chance to try out this new bb cream from Garnier , i was really excited :-)
All in all i am impressed by this one.I have tried a few of the western versions (if i can use that word) of bb cream and this one is by far the most pigmented.The color that i got is "Light" , which has some yellow undertones.A good thing since i find that most Pakistani complexions have yellow undertones.The consistency as well is not too watery.I will go as far as to say that it is similar to a foundation rather than a bb cream in that regard.

There is no overwhelming fragrance to speak of.The tube has 50 ml of product, which will last a couple of months even if used on a daily basis.A little goes a long way.Finish is dewy.so people who prefer matte finish should give this one a pass.Lasts several hours.But does require a powder over it for longevity
The only drawback in my opinion is that it slightly oilier than other drugstore bb creams. Which may be an issue if you have a VERY oily skin to begin with..

This will cost you anywhere from Pkr 449 - 460 depending upon where you buy it from.It is readily available on most cosmetic counters and online  as well.
We received this bb cream as part of a promotional campaign by Garnier at the time of the product launch. That however has played no part in our review of the product .
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  1. i have never tried any BB cream but would love to
    thank you for the review :)

  2. Great review! I was waiting for this BB cream's review ^_^


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