Monday, August 12, 2013

Hair buns.....How to?

Making a hair bun is an easy and elegant way of getting out of the usual hair style rut that one gets into with the same hair style daily.Also it is the best solution to a bad hair day.You can make one simply by twisting your hair and wounding it around in a doughnut shape and securing with hair pins.The issue with going this route is that if you have long / heavy hair , the hair style wont hold for too long.So here are two ways that help me keep my hair bun in mint condition the whole day :-)

A Sock Bun
Finally a use for all the single socks i have laying around ;-) Just cut off the toes, fold it over it self  in to a doughnut shape and you are ready to put this old,lonely sock to good use .All you need is a tail comb, any styling product and lots and lots of hair pins (just kidding)

Hair Bun Tool:

These hair tools are readily available in the market right now. I have seen the around in many places.I got mine as a gift when i ordered some stuff from Nail Art Affordable Range. They have a wide collection of hair accessories, nail art supplies and jewellery & bags as well.Do visit their page on Facebook.

Just put your hair through the gap and keep folding the hair over it in upwards direction .Then , bring the two ends together and secure the plastic hooks on top.

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  1. This was a really useful tutorial because I totally suck at making buns thanks <3

  2. Innovative idea Thanks for sharing dear:)

  3. nice idea
    followed you on GFC would appreciate if you do the same


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