Sunday, July 21, 2013

Garnier "Skin Naturals" wrinkle lift anti ageing cream

Garnier is one of those brands that i have had a love - hate relationship with.Some of the products work for my skin type (which is oily combination) , most though.... dont.

The reason i bought this cream was that i wanted to get my hands on something that had Retinol in it , just to see how my skin responds to it. The cream being anti wrinkle was a bonus as well.

This is the indian version of the product and hence was not very expensive (close to 500Pkr) .The foreign version of this same product costs way more than that.The container is plastic and berry red in color , which is very festive (in my opinion) .I got it from Naheed Super Market.

As you can see the cream is very thick and sort of yellow in color.As soon as i opened the bottle i realized the cream was too rich for my skin type. Using it during the day would have made my face an oil slick in a matter of seconds and wearing any make up over it was totally out of question. But i decided to push forward with the experiment ;-) and started using it as my night cream.

Lets just begin by saying that the few wrinkles that i have around my eyes are still there ;-) The cream itself is very moisturizing and it would suit someone with VERY dry skin or someone who is over 40 (when the skin needs this level of moisture) . In Karachi this did not work for me even as a night cream and to make matters worse it started to clog my pores.This was about the time i left on my vacation to Quetta ,where the weather hits all skin types really hard for the first few weeks.In the past none of my moisturizers have worked for me against the drying effect of the weather in Quetta. But this product appeared to be the answer to all my prayers and my skin was great looking even during the first few days i spent there.
All n all What goes in favor of the cream is.....
  • Its easily available.
  • Not very hard on the pocket.
  • Would work nicely for people with dry skin(i guess )
  • Would be great for winters or dryer climates.

The down side is.....
  • Its too thick.
  • Not for oily or oily combination skin.(In my opinion)
  • No visible effect on wrinkles (what so ever)
  • Could clog pores as it is so rich.

Till next time......


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