Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Essence 24h Hand protection balm

Skin care is something that gets added attention in winters.Although i do not have super dry skin , i do Hate the feeling of dry hands with vengeance.The latest product that we have been testing is this "24h hand protection balm" by Essence cosmetics.

This hand protection balm comes with coconut oil and Shea butter  as ingredients.The tube is labelled "REPAIR" and contains about 2.53 fl.oz/ 75 ml of product.

Like any other skin care product this has its own pros and cons.The affordability of course is really great , as it costs around 150-160 Pkr.But than Essence is a pretty affordable brand all around.

My Thoughts:
The first thing that i noticed about this product is , its size.Its just perfect for traveling or keeping in your purse.So that's a point in favor:)
We have been trying out this hand cream for the last 5-6 days and its a nice little product.
The cream it self is white , has a mild fragrance that goes away once applied.The consistency is just right ,not too thick or too thin.Unlike many lotions i have tried , this doesn't just stay on top of the skin but is absorbed.But if you wash your hands with water or soap ,you'll have to reapply.
For the price , the quantity of the product is satisfactory.As far as dry skin is concerned (and here i am talking about people with REALLY dry skin), expecting this to be your miracle hand cream is bound to let you down.I know the product claims otherwise but i feel there is not enough moisture to justify that.But for people with normal skin who just require something moisturizing to get through the day,this product is perfect.

I do recommend buying this hand cream , if for nothing else than to simply keep it in your hand bag.You can find more info on the Official Essence Facebook fan page or their website.It is easily available on all the Essence Counters in Karachi
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  1. This sounds really good. Especially since I can carry it so easily. x

  2. Sounds nice! I didn't know essence has skincare stuff too :)


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