Wednesday, January 9, 2013

EcoTools 6 piece brush set

Good brushes are a necessary part of any makeup collection.Doesnt matter how expensive the product is, if the application is sketchy..........
So i am always on the look out to get my hands on good , affordable brushes to add to my makeup collection.This ecotools 6 piece brush set has been on my wish list for a while now and i must say i dont regret buying it :)

The brushes come in a sturdy plastic bag that will pretty much survive most mishaps.There is also a brush roll & make up bag (2 in 1 combo) included with the brushes.

The brushes included are:
1.Blush Brush
2.Eye liner brush & Lash and brow groomer:
3.Eye shading brush & concealer brush:
If anyone is wondering , the 6th piece is the brush roll cum makeup bag.
The brushes are all very soft and they pick up product like a dream.I have so far absolutely no issues regarding application with this brush set. I have not washed these yet so i am not sure how that will effect the brushes.
These are very travel friendly as the handles aren't too big and if you are not putting any thing else in the bag provided, the brushes can be carried simply in the plastic covering provided as well to save space.
This brush set has a rating of 4.7 on and costs anywhere from 10 - 12 $ depending upon where you are buying it from. That is around 1200 Pkr for those who are wondering.I totally recommend this brush set.
Till next time........


  1. Have heard good things about Eco Tools. :)

  2. they look so soft and high quality

  3. they are super soft and work kabuki brushes have now started to shed badly it just been 6 months..:(

    1. I hope that doesn't happen with mine ;)

  4. I'll be getting 6 pc Ecotools brush set the eye one after my ban... No wonders ecotools brushes are great xx

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