Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nicky Clarke Smooth It Over Conditioner Review

I bought this conditioner on a whim , just because i was trying to change some of the stuff that have been a part of my hair care routine for a long time now.
I have been using it for better part of the month and i must say it has worked out quite well for my hair.Like any product there is some good & some bad.But in this case  the good outweighs the bad ;)
The first thing i look for in an product is the quantity and the price.I must say that there is a lot of product in one tube.I have been using it for almost a month but i have hardly made a dent.It costs Pkr 400.Which my pocket greatly appreciates ;)
I use this some time three , may be four times a week.It keeps my hair smooth and tangle free.The "anti frizz" quality doesn't hurt either.My hair is oily at the roots so this only works for a day or two for me.By 2nd day my hair starts to feel oily and heavy , which is not necessarily a bad thing as i wash my hair every other day as it is.But for someone who takes a bigger gap between hair washes , this may not be the right product.
I really like this conditioner and anyone who is trying to find something new should definitely try out this product :)
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