Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oue weekly top 10 ;)

This is the first in a series of posts we are going to be doing weekly from now on, just sharing with you a bunch of random stuff that pricked our interest during the last 7 days :) Reviews takes a long time (as every one with a beauty blog knows). You have to test the products, form an opinion, take pics, edit pics, write the review and then FINALLY post it.We are unable to consistently post reviews these days because of exams, assignments and a whole bunch of other nonsense ;) so this way at least we can keep in touch with you guys without too much effort.

 10.So on number ten this week is this coke studio song called "Larsha Pekhawar". If you live in my part of the world and don't know about "coke studio" (which rock have you been hiding under). Coke studio is a collaboration of many talented singers, musicians and composers from Pakistan to create fusion in music and mix genres and give singers that normally are in the background a chance to collaborate with more mainstream voices in Pakistani music.This is a pashto song sung by "Hamayoon Khan" from episode 1 of season 5 and its totally awesome !!

9.I read a lot of fiction ( i am specially interested in paranormal fiction and urban fantasy). If you are a fan of the genre then don't miss reading the "Kate Daniels series" from Ilona Andrews.The latest book is about to come out end of june.(which i am REALLY looking forward to).

8.If you are a blogger and looking for some new website to edit your pics.I must recommend "". I find it very user friendly and very similar to "picnik" in many aspects.

7.The gadget on number seven may not be a stranger to many of you but i just found out about it.And it comes very handy when i am outside or at work.
It is actually a tally counter but i have seen people use it like a tasbeeh, which i find really ingenious.Its small and compact.You can wear it on your finger like a ring and recite your tasbeeh without any unwanted attention even at work.I simply love it :) And it only costs around 40-100 Pkr.

6.What do you think of the whole "Fuchsia" trend  in lip shades this summer?Personally i don't wear dark colors even in summer (gravitating more towards nude browns and pinks). But a long time ago when Atiqa Odho's makeup line was first introduced i got a Fuchsia pink lipstick from it.I have never worn it but for those who are looking for trendy pink, its called "PASSION AP-2"
Don't get me wrong.... I am all for the latest fashion trends but this is one BRIGHT color!! My sister took one look at me and said "Omg! you ate a small animal!" ;)

5.I watch a lot of TV.The "idiot box" is my best friend.My mom keeps telling me that every minute i spend in front of the TV , ten of my brain cells commit suicide.( I am ok with it though). My recommendation to you is to watch "Common Law". Its a procedural+comedy that totally rocks. I have watched the first three episodes and i am totally hooked ;)

4.I watched "Snow white and the Huntsman" this past week.And thats about the only good thing  i can say about it :( My biggest issue is .... Kirsten Stewart (Whats with her acting!!) She ruined a perfectly good time pass movie for me.
 She has one expression for almost every plausible scenario.A sightly bored, flabbergasted (i am not sure where i am ) expression that completely destroys any scene she is in .Arrrghh!!

3.If you are a Firefox user and you want to download videos from "anywhere" easily , just get this nifty Firefox add on called "NetvideoHunter". You will get an icon in your Firefox tool bar , which will start to blink once it detects a video , just press it and voila!

2.At number two is my most fav song of this season of "Coke studio " yet.Its called "Nindya ka par" by Uzair Jaswal and it is just exceptional music.The poetry , mood , melody .... total perfection.I am going to be listening to this one for a long long time :)

1.My mom's khala lives in our village back home in Quetta.Since i was very young , she always sends me lots of sweets , chocolates etc whenever someone comes to Karachi from back home(the sweetheart that she is). Because she lives in a village where availability of junk food is not easy , she collects everything she can get her hands on.Look what she sent me this time....

I got a "Gift from the people of Japan" ;) lolz and its actually "Made in Turkey" ;)Can you believe someone sold this to her (Only in Pakistan). The least i can do is to say "Thank you" to the people of Japan .( I was not the intended target of the "gift" but i enjoyed eating it, none the less)
Till next time .......

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