Friday, November 18, 2011


Hello everyone:)
I apologize for not posting anything these last few weeks,but we were really busy with family and studies and time sort of got away from us ;)
The weather is changing in Karachi (finally) .Its not winter yet(but it is very temperate weather that we are experiencing these last few weeks) .I love this time of the year.Being from Quetta(where winter is a whole season,unlike the measly twenty days that we get in Karachi) i have a very fond place in my heart for cold , wintery days:) but as you all know every season brings with it its own set of challenges for your skin and over all beauty regimen.Chapped and dry lips have always been a pet peeve of mine.They not only look unappealing but also feel really gross(yuck)!

I am always at a look out for new lip products to keep my lips smooth and moisturized.On my recent trip to Quetta i picked up these two Nivea Labello lip balms to try out.

  • Lip care by "Nivea Labello".
  • Flavors---> "Apple" "Orange".
  • wt: 4.8 grams
  • No tint
  • Made in Germany.

Ok so as i said before,i am sort of a lip balm maniac.I keep trying different brands all the time.I have them in my purse,at my desk, on my vanity....
These two i found at the beauty counter in Dawood center.Funny story is that the person at the counter had no idea how much these cost and ended up bargaining with me for the price.I got each for Rs 40 Pkr.
What i like the most is that they don't have a tint.I HATE lip balms that leave color behind on my lips.It looks really sloppy and remains long after the lip balm itself is gone.I had previously tried a tinted one from Nivea Labelo and stopped using it for this very reason.
Also the smell is nice and fruity but not overpowering.No taste to the lip balm when applied(which is another plus in my book).

Packaging is cute and compact.Same size as a regular lipstick, these can easily be carried in a purse or a wallet of almost any size.
As for the effect on lips, i would say its not too bad.Not as good as some of the other brands that i have tried but the lip balm is quite moisturizing.Stays on lips for a good 2-3 hours.No SPF.Which is a definite limitation.But as i generally try to avoid direct sunlight as a principal that is not a problem for me (but it may be an issue for some people).

All in all i'd say try these if you are in the market for something new.But if you already are using something that is working well for you than give it a pass:)
till next time.....


  1. Your post has gotten me all nostalgic and craving for Quetta winters. I miss'em so much. Even though we experience winters here in Isb they are not quite the same. Miss it all. Sitting late at night with cousins near the heater and gossiping over rounds of green tea and nuts.The crisp scent of pine trees and hot heated bathrooms with loong steamy showers. Sorry for rambling :)
    Girl you got yourself a bargain.Rs.40 is insane :)My labello milk and honey one costed me Rs.175.

  2. @Pandora
    Totally agree with u.I havent spent a winter in Quetta for the last 10 years.and sometimes i wish so hard for the cool breeze of a winter morning:)
    And i know i got myself a good bargain(lolz) He said 50,i said 40 , i bought two ;)

  3. I'm very much interested in Labello/Nivea lip care (in fact I collect them :-) funny - isn't it?) and I loved to read your opinion about those two flavors. Unfortunately both Labellos aren't available here in Germany. Many thanks for sharing your experience and the price, which was very interesting. One Labello is here about 240 Pkr (converted).
    You'll find my collection and many many Labellos at


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